Ekperi Watts - I'm Afraid/Poverty

Ekperi Watts is a music teacher at the Federal College of Education (Technical) Omoku – Rivers State. He hails from Patani town in Patani L.G.A. of Delta State – Nigeria. He attended Opukabu Primary School and Oproza Grammar School Patani in the 80’s. He was first taught how to play the Bass Guitar at home by his former Fine/Arts teacher before moving to Port Harcourt to study music and education. He thoroughly coached his own Band in 2014 and called it “Ekperi Watts & The-Winds”. Since then, he has recorded three Albums and played in many successful concerts and other shows to his credit. Hail Jah!
Please download this Songs, enjoy it, and continue to share until it reach EveryOne.- thanks

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I’M AFRAID/POVERTY || Musicextra.com

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