Elevate - Tom Keezy

Al Amin Rotimi is a musician & a song writer, popular known as *TOM* *KEEZY* he has a lot of singles that  help pave way industry..

    " *Only U* is one of his hilarious single accepted by all that help brought the young artist  to the top of his career

 *Tom keezy* is dropping another fantastic **Ming* *blowing* *single* that will be giving him back to back hit🔥. This co-author principle had made him a public figure.

In no time, less doubtful his hard work, lyrics,Ryms , composition and song organising with no subtitle the young artist should be our next rated.

" *His track ONLY U* " Have won two young artist awards in outside the city..

Not of a Doubt that his new single *ELEVATE* Is d best 💯💯

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